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To Shelia and Carol -

It was very considerate of you both to take the time to decorate our house with a pretty Christmas tree yesterday. I was very moved when you, Shelia, played Santa Claus today and delivered a Christmas bag of goodies for each of us at the house on 12th Ave.  Some of us have no family to spend the holidays with and your efforts to make our holidays a little brighter is very much appreciated. It's very comforting to know that someone is thinking of me at this most joyous time of the year and to know that I am not entirely alone. I want to thank you both for making the effort to brighten my day and just let you both know how much it is appreciated.

A most happy Christmas and a safe, healthy and prosperous new year!

Your friend


Little over year ago found myself dealing with medical issues that mean downsizing. Thankful discover HEAVEN ON EARTH FOR VETERANS. Their help and support made my journey much easier. THANK YOU TO Carol and Shelia.

Calvin Stone

Dear Sheila & Carol, Words alone cannot describe the depth of my gratitude. Without you and the SVDP society, June, July and August would have been very difficult. Now its going to be a breeze! I can't Thank you enough!!! Warm Regards- John Lenhart

Can't thank Carol Barkalow and Sheila Mutascio and Heaven on Earth for Veterans enough for their help. They provided me with a home when I was at wits end. No questions, no judging, just compassion and a commitment to us veterans. These two women have dedicated themselves to helping veterans and giving them a lift up when no other help was available. I will be forever grateful, it blows my mind that some people are so willing to give. We could all take a lesson for this, my experience here has made me a better person. Luv you Gals and Heaven on Earth.

Jerry Connelly


Heaven On Earth for Veterans is a fantastic organization. I know two of the people personally as I rented one of their rooms for 6 months before getting a place of my own. I was homeless living in a shelter for abused women when I found out about this organization. There is so much I could say about these wonderful ladies, but don't know how much space I have to tell it all. Let's just say they are angels that help vets in their times of need and will do anything for you that they can. They have a lot of resources that they can direct you to if need be. As I said, I lived there for 6 months, met some wonderful, sweet people while living there. It was my temporary home. During the holidays I decorated the house for Christmas and some of us exchanged gifts. The house I lived in was/is close to bus stop, grocery store, public library and post office. After being able to save up some money was able to get back on my feet and am now living in my own place on the beach - am living a dream. I have lived in Florida for over 35 years and have always wanted to live on the beach. Never thought it would happen. But with the help of these two awesome ladies it became a reality. I am 5 minutes from the beach and go there daily (weather permitting) to watch the sunsets - it's amazing as no two are alike. I was and still am very appreciative to these two wonderful people who helped me get from homeless to having my own place, peace of mind, stability and living a dream. Thank You Sheila and Carol for being who you are and for your generosity, caring and giving back to other vets. God Bless Both of You! So, if you find yourself homeless or in a shelter, and feel you have hit rock bottom - there is a light at the end of that tunnel and it's not a train. Contact Heaven on Earth for Veterans and see if they can help you. Being homeless is not the end of the world - even though it may feel like it. Give them a call - what have you got to loose. From one vet to the rest of you, thank you for your service.


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