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Founded in March 2013, Heaven on Earth for Veterans, Inc. (HOEV) provides quality living spaces for veterans in need. The organization's founders include 3 women: a retired Army officer, a real estate entrepreneur and a communications specialist with a background in non-profits. 

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We had a vision. We still do. We have to end veteran homelessness.

It's our direct mission. We started with the dream and bought our first old house and tore the roof off.  Now we've renovated, rebuilt, rewired, redecorated, repainted and furnished one house a year and we manage all ten

 as group homes for veterans in need.


Some of our residents can't afford to rent on their own or come up with hefty deposits and get utilities turned on. We handle that. It's all included in the rent. Veterans lease private bedrooms and share the common living areas. The cost of renting a bedroom ranges from $400 to $600 per month. All utilities are included as well as cable and internet access in the common area. In addition, common areas within the homes are cleaned by a cleaning service biweekly. HOEV is a soft place to land when transitioning back to civilian life or after receiving care at the VA hospital. 

OUR NEXT PROJECT at HOEV is to provide free, temporary housing to veterans to bridge the time gap between requesting financial support and actually receiving that support. In short, once an individual is verified as a veteran, they and their family will not be homeless - they will be given a free, safe, transitional place to stay.

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